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#1 2020-11-02 19:05:42

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VIP Refund service : Amazon, Apple, ASOS, Abercrombie


I provide refund services for your orders from Amazon, Apple, Asos and a couple of other interesting sites.
Confidence in the return of your funds in a short time: - up to 500 € - 12% of the order amount - up to $ 5000 - 15% of the order amount - up to 50,000 rubles - 15% of the order amount - up to $ 500 - 15% of the order amount - up to $ 400 - 15% of the order amount

Before ordering from sites with clothes, please contact me for more details!

minimum price for order is 60$

A little but important information:

1) Terms of office. Apple website - the addresses of intermediary companies for ordering will not work. Under no circumstances. Crystal clear American / Canadian addresses only.
They do not send anywhere except America and Canada. Strictly one thing per order. Strictly up to $ 5,000. MacBooks, iPhones and so on
Do not open the box and dont turn on device until the return is received. You can sign for the receipt of the parcel, but do not put a Pre-Sign (the button in the letter from Apple to the mail about the successful sending of your device)

2) I do not work for American, British and other Amazons. At the moment only France, only up to 500 euros. In the near future, there will be more pleasant conditions for ordering from Amazon in terms of the order amount. I will write about all the news in the topic.

3) Working with intermediary companies is not scary.

4) We mainly work with 1 device per order. On an individual basis, we can work on more items in the pack - be sure to consult with me before placing an order.

the product must be suitable for return - read the manual for finding suitable products for return here:

In france (, eligible return items look like this:

Expédié et vendu par Amazon. - suitable
Vendu par (store name) et expédié par Amazon. - suitable
Expédié et vendu par (store name). - does not fit

In Italy (, eligible return items look like this:

Venduto e spedito da Amazon. - suitable
Venduto da (store name) e spedito da Amazon. - suitable
Venduto e spedito da (store name). - does not fit

In order to facilitate the search for goods suitable for return, after entering the name of interest in the search bar in the Amazon, in the menu on the left, click on the blue icon with a yellow checkmark - Prime

It is spelled slightly differently on - Premium

In this case, the number of products should be reduced in the search results, and mainly only those that are suitable for return will remain.

I also advise you to put a choice according to the manufacturer's brand, for example, if we are looking for an iPhone, we put the Apple brand. To ensure that all sorts of covers, laces and other unnecessary accessories do not climb into the search results
Enjoy the shopping!

How to make an order wisely ?


I want to share my opinion on what nuances you need to take into account when placing your order on Amazon, which should reduce the likelihood of hold!

We go to the Amazon website, click on the goods. After 20-30 minutes, we register (enter the email, the name on the account, and repeat the password twice). We leave the account alone for a while, then return to the Amazon and continue our activity! Before you return, do not forget to log into your account again if you are knocked out of it. Add something to the cart, create a wishlist (wishlist) and add products to it. We put the items from the basket aside for later. In general, we create the appearance of active search and product selection.

If the account was registered, for example in the morning, in the evening we enter the delivery address in the account settings. If you registered in the evening, enter the delivery address on the next day

In general, I would recommend maintaining this activity for a couple of days.

Always check that you are in your account. You can check this by going to your account, and, for example, in the column for changing the address or checking the gift balance. With such movements, it will always ask you to log in to the system again if you are not logged in.

After that we remove everything unnecessary from the basket, and proceed to checkout the goods!

Easy orders!

Cant login into your account ? have you got a hold letter? I share what I know :

And so, friends!

Recently, people began to face the problem of holds on the Amazon.
The password for your account dosent work and a letter of happiness comes to the mail, in which Amazon talks about the difficulties in debiting from your bank card, and asks you kindly provide information on this card

There are 2 options for solving the problem

1. Provide what Amazon asks for
2. Register a new account (More details - the second post of this topic)

More about the first option. We carefully read the letter from Amazon, it asks for a statement of banking operations, the billing address of the card that you enter when placing an order. Billing address is your registration address. When you come to the bank to receive a card, it is registered with your name, address and other information on your passport. Accordingly, the billing address of your card should be the address of your registration. And your billing address will be listed in the bank just like that.

Also, they ask to add the name, phone number and email address that were indicated when registering on Amazon.

An ideal example of a statement that needs to be sent to Amazon, in my opinion, is the collection of all statements on transactions on your card from your bank's website, containing the last card numbers, your full name, your billing address. If the statements show the write-off of one euro by Amazon, this is a plus. You can attach a screen for writing off 1 euro by sms from the mob. bank. Also, to these statements, you need to add your email, name and phone number. That is, at the output we have a file with 3-4 pages. It is not difficult to collect the necessary package of documents


1) If the files in your Internet Bank meet the needs of the Amazon, which they announced in the letter - feel free to send

2) If your statement with operations on your bank card does not contain any information necessary for the Amazon (billing address, there are no last or any digits of the card number, there is no name of the account holder) - contact scan service in order to fix it

3) If you knowingly indicated false data on the card
For example:
1. Put that the delivery address is the same as the billing address, although, for example, you paid with your card, and the delivery address is the address of a friend who lives at a completely different address, but his address cannot be the billing address of your card.
2. Indicated a fake name on the card) - contact the scan service

We send this file by fax from the site, we take the Amazon fax number from the hold letter. They always leave a link where you can find their fax number. We select the country of Amazon from which we ordered, the system substitutes the international code, enter their number, indicate the email address of your Amazon account, attach a file with statements and send!

How to make new account wisely ?

A new account must be registered for other data

1. A new bank card (can be an unnamed, virtual, your reissued old card, a card of your friends and in general whatever. The main thing is that there is a new card number. For example, if you have been frozen several times with one bank, you should try a card of another bank.

2. New phone number

3. New address (or old, but written differently. For example, if on the previous account where you were frozen you wrote the address Ulitsa Lenina 22/1/53, then in the new account write the address differently, ala Lenina Streeet house 20 building 1 appartment 53;

4. The new name of the recipient (or the same old, but written differently. For example, instead of KrYlov Nikita write KrIlov Nikita);

5. And of course, the new account should not have any connection with the previous one. That is, there must be a new IP (if anyone does not know how to change the IP - google it), a cleared browser history (cookies, saved passwords, etc.) or a new browser.

If this is difficult, just register from the computer of your friends / neighbors

How to find intermediary companies wisely ?

Friends, if you are going to order from Amazon through intermediary companies, then you must understand that the success of the return in this case is not guaranteed in any way. If Amazon knows that the shipping address for your order is the address of the intermediary company, a refund for your order has a very small chance of success. You should understand that in order to increase the chances of success it is better to choose lesser-known intermediary companies.

Also, please pay attention to the address provided by the intermediary. If it looks something like this - 11517 SW AMU ST SUITE # 90417, TUALATIN, OR 95212-6884, United States - that's very bad! Does the normal address look like this? No. Normal physical addresses do not contain any cell numbers and other trash, which some intermediary addresses contain

In general, my recommendations for choosing an intermediary:

1. Better to order with or I also work with and

2. It is better to choose an intermediary in Europe, and not necessarily intersect with the Amazon country. That is, do not order from Italy to an intermediary in Italy. French to French intermediary. The chances that the Amazon will recognize the intermediary of his country is much greater than the intermediary of another country. And we just don't need this at all!

3. When choosing an intermediary, check whether he delivers the goods accepted in his warehouse to your country.

4. Be sure to pay attention to the address! If it looks the same as the address given in the example a little higher in the text - the work will be difficult, the chances are very small.

5. If I failed to make a refund, which cases are very few in fact, then you give the intermediary a command to send the goods back to the Amazon, having previously discussed this issue with me - you will lose 10-15 bucks. Amazon will refund the money for the order back in full

A small manual on working with the middle smile Don't be afraid to work with the middle! But you need to approach this in the middle, friends!

If You want to place an order or you have any questions - feel free to write to Br0 !
http://wtj5psom5zufu4yo.onion//pmsnew.p … post&uid=2    Direct link to PM


#2 2021-06-15 12:21:30

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Re: VIP Refund service : Amazon, Apple, ASOS, Abercrombie

I worked with you for a long time, probably remember my nickname ANONIMIZADA. Thanks for your cooperation with me, it was really cool to work as a swami in those days. Wait, maybe we will work together again and again how I will collect strength again


#3 2021-07-05 22:19:18

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Re: VIP Refund service : Amazon, Apple, ASOS, Abercrombie

Unsubscribe about the result


#4 2021-08-02 14:46:16

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Re: VIP Refund service : Amazon, Apple, ASOS, Abercrombie

What is it (((The second day I can't order a service ...


#5 2021-10-01 17:32:22

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Re: VIP Refund service : Amazon, Apple, ASOS, Abercrombie

I advise !!!


#6 2021-10-18 16:34:31

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Re: VIP Refund service : Amazon, Apple, ASOS, Abercrombie



#7 2021-10-31 20:37:27

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Re: VIP Refund service : Amazon, Apple, ASOS, Abercrombie

All perfectly!!! Recommend


#8 2021-12-01 18:53:40

From: N/A
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Re: VIP Refund service : Amazon, Apple, ASOS, Abercrombie

This is not the first time I made an order! As always, execution is less than a day! Thanks.


#9 2022-02-12 14:45:55

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Re: VIP Refund service : Amazon, Apple, ASOS, Abercrombie

All perfectly! Recommend


#10 2022-05-24 16:21:58

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Re: VIP Refund service : Amazon, Apple, ASOS, Abercrombie

Great Service!
Thanks SportsMan


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