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#1 2021-01-11 01:59:29

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Working Out of Canada; Need some direction for online and offline work

Hello everyone hoping I can get some responses to improve some work and build some contacts for Work.

I am in Canada and have all equipment to print cards and clone etc... I'm having trouble printing a good looking card on a Pronto Pronter with Bodno Software. Is there anyway to use a crack for this software or different printing software? I need Canada Templates in PSD format which are hard to find. I'm trying to adjust the cards in Photo shop myself but then when I go to print them they are quite faded.
This is quite annonying.

I'd like to start up again with online carding or Paypal middle man work, but I can't find the right material and articles to find working solutions to some problems. Alot of methods I used to card Donation and Ecommerce setups have changed alot and it's going to take some new info or me buillding my own private methods. If anyone can suggest material that would be useful to me or need someone in Canada to accept money I can setup this type of environment, I'm not new in this field but having a hell of a time getting adjusted to something that isn't really old.

Contact me on here for my Telegram or Jabber if you can help or share with me where I can point myself and which direction I should move in terms of working Online.

Thanks and Cheers Everyone


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