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#1 2017-12-08 14:11:13

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An Alleged Hacker Claimed to have Breached Aero Market Servers and Dox

Aero Marketplace:

A hacking entity under the username “ChUcKyNbUcKy” claimed, repeatedly, to have successfully hacked the Aero Market Bitcoin wallet on August 8. They claim they had previously rooted the host server and acquired admin privileges. It got even better; they claimed they had compromised the market’s login system and had the ability to change the PGP keys and pins of users. They last month, they successfully bypassed 2fa login, they wrote in a post titled “DOX DOX DOX DOX DOX DOX DOX DOX DOX DOX DOX DOX DOX DOX DOX DOX DOX smile.”

“The first day we started redirecting the wallet system (Withdraws and deposits) to various master wallets, we made around 300k and we had been working on it for about half the day.”

ChUcKyNbUcKy claimed that announcements by Aero staff have been completely false. The market staff apparently found and used the hacker’s method of stealing Bitcoin successfully. They also “spoofed” BTC and XMR wallet keys for making withdrawals. And possibly most importantly, they filled the front page of the Aero market forums up with full names and addresses of a massive number of Aero Market buyers. The doxxes came from customers of the following vendors: Instangram, GonePostal, TheNotorious, TranquilTreats, El_Chapo, StealthPharmacy, SouthernWonderz, RemedyPlus, NightPeople, UK2UK, Pellendose, DGSLabz.

However, ChUcKyNbUcKy had another agenda entirely. We checked the addresses and the majority of the “doxed” customers did not exist. Nor did their home addresses. The post did cause the Aero Market forum moderator to come out and post on Reddit though, making it even clearer that the admins vanished for good.

Aero Market Forum/Reddit Mod Posted “December 2 Update”

The post resembled the post by customer support staff of several markets that either exited or got taken down by law enforcement. We last saw this with Sam Culper from TradeRoute when he still believed TradeRoute staff would be coming back online. TradeRoute did not come back online. The admins of the market left him high and dry and in the dark. TrappyPandora/TrappyAB and Big Muscles both told the community that Alphabay would be coming back but did not know when. And then Alphabay never returned. Outlaw Market “exited” and left a support moderator to deal with the fallout. Oasis may have pulled the same stunt.

The general consensus is that Aero will not be returning. At least as “Aero Market.”

From AeroMarket:

“Last contact with myself from Admins was Sunday 26th November. It was stated that they were aware of some withdrawals failing to process and it will be looked into and staff were given limited access to an old version of the help desk, just so tickets could be answered temporarily whilst new fixes were added.”


“Monday 27th November help desk went down as it seems it was only configured correctly on the aerogucked prefix url, so once the DDOS targetted that (which was being used as our new main URL) support tickets were then stuck once again so the queue was only marginaly cleared at that point.”

Aero Market admins exited and left support staff to handle the fallout.


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