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#1 2021-01-07 18:24:30

Registered: 2019-07-25
Posts: 26
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Need help cashing out Wells Fargo with 700K

I have a bank log with cookies, log, pass and IP. I dont have email access. If there is someone who can cash out, please pm me.

Added later 3 h 32 min 40 s:
https:// prnt. sc/ wik9o3


#2 2021-01-08 07:15:15

From: CA
Registered: 2019-05-24
Posts: 119
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Re: Need help cashing out Wells Fargo with 700K

Nowadays most of the movements you gonna make will lock the account. Don't expect to Cashout up to $100 000. IF you can cashout about $30 000 that's still good. The safiest way is to ACH debit through some apps that will easily let you ACH debit the account. you will need the Fullz inorder to make custom docs inorder to verify the apps before add the specific account number and routing number then ACH debit like 20k first before another higher amount


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