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#1 2020-11-04 10:14:31

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Any Exchanger account you need

Hi, i am able to create and fully verify any crypto exchanger put there in a matter of mins/max is an hour. For interested individuals you can hit me up in my PM, I can create a sample account for a max of 2 people, they will have to come and vouch for me here so the rest knows its legit. I will be creating custom accounts for any crypto you want for just $90 for any crypto and if you want it attached to Monzo bank account under same name then price is only $120. Escrow is accepted but for large order we will use external escrows no problem. Remember, accounts are delivered mins after you order so after ordering please stay online to finalize escrow. I will provide screenshots of accounts in escrow for moderators to see incase omanyine tries to deny account was dead. No refunds of any sort, for login guides let me know, you don't need complicated portable Mozilla etc, just a good VPN will do the job.

If am offline


#2 2020-12-27 20:06:49

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Re: Any Exchanger account you need

Just hit you on jabber


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