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#1 2020-09-03 12:48:11

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FRESH USA CCV, known balance and info.

Hi everyone, I am selling fresh never resold USA cc with know balance, account credit and payment info.

The CC info will come this way:

EXP 08.20, CVV 265

Name, Address, Phone Number.

Current Balance $XXXX
Available Credit $XXXX
Last statement Balance $XXXX
Last payment of $XXX received on date.
Next minimum payment of $XXX due on date.

All CC are checked live, all will be recorded and there is no refund or replacement.
Delivery Time can be up to 24 hours.
I card as well and I know very well how hard is to find good cards.
I am obviously not responsible for low balance or credit.
Cards Level: Signature, Premier, Platinum, World, Gold (you can request the level you prefer).
Price for each card is $20.

If you need specific bin let me know, keep in mind that for some banks fullz will be needed to do this check (e.g. City Bins), which you will have to buy within the card for an extra cost of $20.

** I only sell the cards, please don't sick for advice on carding set ups from me unless you are looking for private lessons that I will sell separately, however I do STRONGLY advise that you wait AT LEAST 3 days after deliver before use the card or BETTER 7 days. I am not responsible if you use the card straight away and you get a decline with consequent fraud flag that will most likely burn the card.
Thank you for your attention.

P.S. You can buy the fullz separately if available and if you want it, even where fullz is not needed for the check.

Contact me in PM and leave your telegram if interested.


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