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#1 2020-07-05 10:20:27

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Pieki Is A Scammer

Hello Everyone This Is My Case With Pieki (Vendor On HM)

I bought a $200 Guide For CC -> BTC of him. He stated that only $15 extra were to be spent on ID which he provides and maximum $10 for a CC.

I made an escrow for $215 for the guide and the ID pack he told me I had to get.

The following was the T&Cs the seller sold the product according to :

    Buying CC TO BTC Guide + Seller will answer any questions I have

        Guide includes where to buy CCs, using them and cashing them out with 100% success
        100% Working and Up To Date (Works in 2020)
        $15 ID packs + selfie
        All I need To purchase additionally is:
        CC (Seller priced at $10 from the site he has listed in the guide)

        These are T&Cs the seller is selling at.

He told me to follow the guide 1:1 for it to work which I did. To my surprise I had to make an extra purchase of $31 for a mobile proxy. Which is not agreeing to the T&Cs already as you can see. I decided to trust him and bought it. He also told me to buy a CC of websites blackbay or luxcc. I told him are they trustworthy and he said they are his friends He also said the mobile proxy site is trustworthy. I had to pay a $50 activation fee for blackbay and had to pay another $25 for the CC. Which is against what he stated in the T&Cs which was $10 for the CC. He also said I wouldnt spend more than $10 after purchasing it. I ended up spending an extra $106. However the websites did not give me my product and I was scammed out of this. I told him and he said they got hacked, however I was talking to their support on telegram whilst it was happening. Their telegram and website can't have been hacked for both websites.

So I got scammed $105 and had to pay an extra $105 than what was stated

I then gave him the benefit of the doubt and tried Luxcc. They told me it is a $50 activation fee. I paid that, they then told me it is $25 for the card. I deposited $25 and then they told me minimum to deposit is $50. I asked if I were to deposit another $25 were it to work? They replied yes that will work. I deposited another $25 and they said their system can't recognize the extra $25 I put in so they have to wait for monday for their admin to come on. They finally replied on Tuesday saying I didn't send $50 and the currency conversion of theirs is different and I have to deposit another $50 for it to go through. They deleted all messages right after I denied this and threatened to expose them for their filthy actions.

I got scammed another $100 here

Overall I got scammed $205, and the $215 guide + ID I bought do not work  ($420)

He said it is up to date and working if I follow the guide 1:1. It is not working clearly as I had been scammed.

T&Cs were not followed, I had to pay an extra $105 initially which is going against T&Cs.

Br0 released escrow to vendor saying that he had delievered the guide, but said nothing about the T&Cs.

I am not out of pocket by $420 sad All because I trusted this escrow system

If a vendor doesnt follow T&Cs and you still release escrow then why is it still there???

Br0 told me to write a review on his thread if i'm not happy. Unfortunately, I can't because he has taken the thread down. He has now infact taken all of his threads down.

He lied to Br0 saying he has shared the guide for free, the guide he shared is a shitty 2018 otudated one and sends me shitty outdated guides in telegram saying this is for the loss.

I don't want your shitty outdated guides I want my $420 back

On dread people are saying he is on Torum too selling these guides

He knew his guide didn't work and had scamming vendors on there and yet he told people to sill buy the guide.


Any extra proof will be given if required


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