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#1 2020-03-05 04:15:40

Registered: 2020-03-01
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Anyone need bank logs or paypals verified by bank?

I don't have a listing on Empire, but if youre needing some kind of validation i'm not a scammer, the best ive got is a small vouch thread on Telegram and using Escrow. Too many people scamming and fucking it up for the rest of us nowadays. Legit Vendor and his Telegram page Verified Seller come to mind. His Western Union transfers = bullshit. Anyways..

Paypals + owners fullz + gmail login = $30
Paypals fully verified w/bank + fullz + gmail + bank login : $65-$100 depending on which bank you want
Chase bank - $75
PNC Virtual Wallet - $35
Suntrust bank -$30
Chime bank - $25
Fullz w/ license - $15
Fullz w/o license - $3
Square Cash w/o transaction - $15
Tutorials on carding w/ video guide including CC to BTC -  $7 for six videos.
Cards - $12

I'm always looking to buy fullz w/ ID front and bank, so if you have any cheap let me know.

My telegram and ICQ username is xSerph.
Take care.


#2 2020-06-22 17:02:57

Registered: 2019-12-12
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Re: Anyone need bank logs or paypals verified by bank?

i am not a scammer tell everybody you are. go away. with your fucking telegram you numbnuts. you can buy fullz with plastic cards for $10000 a piece. and then all your african buddies will come and support you right? go away.


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