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#26 2020-02-28 13:56:54

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Re: SCAM REPORT! beware of user bankdrop98

And I decided against bankdrop98. He had the time to refund and he didn't. It is in Admin's hands since then.


#27 2020-03-02 01:16:23

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Re: SCAM REPORT! beware of user bankdrop98

Defiantcandid wrote:
Br0 wrote:
Defiantcandid wrote:

Ive been scammed by using escrow more than once. Escrow is a good measure to use to avoid scams but it is not fail proof.

Is there a reason bankdrop98 is not banned yet?

We already discuss that with you, its not our fault.
You can post proof here or send to Spoiler24, he will check.

I've sent screenshots

Spoiler may say that I had time to refund. I reached out. YOU NEVER reached out. You NEVER answered me in Wickr. You always have time to dredge up this thread but you never respond to me. You messed up as well. You didn't listen to me. You never came to me. I came to you in chat. In messages. Yet, at this point. I am under the impression that you are just here to try to make me look bad and that you never wanted to work out a solution but just make yourself look like a victim. You claimed that if I tried to resolve things with you. That you would stop this. Every time you have messaged on here in this thread. You completely disregard me. The only time you ever say anything is weeks in between. If I lost money, I would be doing everything I could to recover and I have lost a lot. Even on HM, but I just sucked it up. Its different with you. Repeatedly, I have tried but you seem hell bent on trolling and being the victim.

That's my take on this. I have sent screen shots but it seems that this just gets revived whenever you think the attention is not on you.

As far as Spoiler24, he was ready to ban me EVEN AFTER I SHOWED proof that I reached out but its like you deliberately ignored me in hopes that I wouldn't show that I made an effort to try to resolve this. You cut corners yet you expect no consequences. That seems weird but whatever.


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