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#1 2018-01-27 21:17:40

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Effective Drop Box Technique

Well i hear some people talking about Drop Boxes and most the Techniques i hear about are quite dodgy.. Like Using fake id to open P.O Box or Using a randoms mailbox to try and get mail before they get it. but i wouldn't really recommend any of these. Nor would i try mailing illicit/drugs items to my home address since that is really quite stupid.

I hope to help some people also i leave my btc address bellow (Peace Love and Respect)

If you want a dropbox here is what you need to do....

Method 1. If you live in a country with rural towns. Go to a hardware store and BUY a mailbox, Metal pole, Paint, Combo lock or just normal lock Now find a place you can just slip your box in and double check the numbers your planning to use, isn't already in use. Just go on google earth/street view and find a location with a bunch of mailboxes and slip that badboy in smile

Method 1 is good for Australia / America

Method 2. Now if you live in the city or a place that uses door slots as mailboxes then your going to want to purchase a hammer drill, Preferable cordless and learn how to use it and all.. You will also need a sleeve anchor / expansion bolt, Masonry drill piece.. and mailbox + numbers of course go out one night wearing a disguise then drill your hole.. And install the mailbox... Good idea to choose a location that's not to close to homes so your not to wake anyone or causes any suspicion... just do it a like 2/3 in the morning

Method 2 is good for united kingdom...

Things you should make sure of

1. You don't want to make a double address or your mail might get mixed up with others(You can make your numbers 12.01 Or 12.A)

2. Make sure you lock it

3. Learn how to use Anchor bolts and hammer drill(USE SAFETY PROTECTION)

4. Be careful you never know who could be out there to screw you over(Gangs,Polices or Bystanders)

5. I would recommend only going to your drop box during early hours of morning and wear a disguise for god sake....   

6. Just be smart about this!!!!!! And you shouldn't have much problems

7. Also send a test letter to your box once its set up...

Good Luck To Everyone - I can confirm this works

Donations and Such, Please send here <3- 1E85KpJAPCeraVBvDVWvdMAqfVmiUPt25M

Much appreciated <3

Is this usefull info?

  1. Yes -Should Help me allot
  2. No - I allreay do this
  3. Kinda - probably wont need to ever do this
  4. No - I allready have a better method
  5. Life Saver <3
Total votes: 5

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#2 2018-06-30 16:53:43

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Re: Effective Drop Box Technique

This Is Very Important Part Im Sorry I Forgot To Add This!!! WEAR GLOVES!! DO NOT LEAVE FINGER PRINTS


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